FaQ            SHM CAD Systems, SHM / Piping
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Do I have to buy the complete system?
No. You may buy any number / combination of design code and engineering parts.
Additional items may be added at any time as and when you require.
Every one module is stand alone !

What happens if we need technical support ?
Technical support is available by mail info@shmemory.nl
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Network & Operating Sytems

Networks & Operating Systems

Which versions of Operating Systems are supported?
Vax VMS, Unix,
Windows 95, 98, w/NT w/2000 w/xp, vista, W7/8

All Networks are supported



Installation will be done automatic,  no problems !

I want to upgrade my system with some additional modules. Do I have to
completely reinstall the software?
No. Simply enter the revised configuration codes supplied. ( copy to destination )
These will allow access to the additional modules.



All SHM/Piping programs are full Up and down compatible.
Different program version - Check data. Have I lost my data?
Never !!
Probably errors : read on wrong data-set (p.e. Head data in cylinder calculation )
This error message is advisory only.
Hence the message is to advise the user to check the data for new input requirements.